PMD Personal Microderm Reviews

Microdermabrasion can give you smoother, brighter skin. But who has the time or budget to see a dermatologist all the time? That’s where the Personal Microderm (PMD) comes in.

Patented, safe and effective, this at-home skincare tool allows you to get the same professional results without having to leave your home.


PMD is an at-home, personal skincare tool that allows you to perform microdermabrasion from the comfort of your home.

The system works by combining patented spinning disc technology with vacuum suction. The end result? Brighter, smoother skin with even tone and texture. Make-up glides on smoother, and your skincare products penetrate deeper.

It’s the ideal complement to your skin care and/or collagen routine. Along with your face, you can also use the PMD tool on your body and feet for touchably soft skin all over.

PMD can reduce the appearance of:

  • Blemishes
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores

The exfoliation action also removes dead skin cells and supports healthy cell growth.

PMD’s discs are hand-dipped in aluminum oxide crystals.

Aluminum oxide is the same material used in many professional microdermabrasion treatments. It’s non-toxic, safe and won’t cause adverse skin reactions.

It’s these aluminum-oxide-coated discs that remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Removing these skin cells stimulates new cell growth to reveal soft, rejuvenated and bright skin. The suction from the vacuum also increases circulation to the surface of the skin to speed up healing, and build collagen and elastin.

There are four devices offered by PMD:

  • Classic: one speed setting
  • Plus: one speed setting; smooth-glide caps; full range of discs
  • Man: one speed setting; smooth-glide caps; range of discs for men’s skin
  • Pro: two speed settings; smooth-glide caps; full range of discs


PMD makes it easy to get professional microderm results at home. Here’s how the system works:

  1. Clean and dry the skin thoroughly
  2. Pull the skin taught to help the device move smoothly across the skin
  3. Move the device quickly across the skin in an upward direction (always keep the device moving)
  4. Apply toner and moisturizer
  5. Wash the cap and filter

Ideally, you should practice on your arm or leg before using the device on your face so that you can get a feel of how to use it.

There’s no need to apply any pressure when using the device. In fact, if you do apply pressure, you risk exfoliating beyond the dead skin layer. The vacuum suction of the device is calibrated to remove dead skin, so there’s no need to apply any pressure whatsoever.

It’s crucial to apply calming toner and moisturizer after the treatment to help speed up the healing process and protect the skin.

Treatment can be performed once every 6-7 days.

Why do you have to wait so long for each treatment?

Your skin needs to heal. During the 6-7-day waiting period, your skin is healing and building collagen. This is a crucial aspect of the treatment process.

If you’re worried about treating your face, don’t be. PMD offers training videos and treatment diagrams to help guide you through the process.

A variety of discs are available, and some are coarser than others.

  • White: Ultra-sensitive; should be used for your first treatment
  • Grey: Very sensitive
  • Blue: Sensitive
  • Green: Moderate
  • Orange: Course
  • Red: Very course
  • Black: All over body and feet
  • Yellow: Intense

Discs should be replaced every 3-4 uses.

The white disc comes pre-loaded in your device, so use this one for your first treatment. Afterward, you can progress to coarser discs if necessary. Every person’s skin is different, so move at your own pace.


How effective is the PMD system?

Here’s what users experienced:

  • 95% had visibly brighter skin
  • 96% said their skincare products absorbed better
  • 90% felt their skin was healthier
  • 90% achieved radiant skin
  • 100% said their skin was softer and smoother
  • 95% felt more confident in their skin
  • 85% experienced an increase in hydration
  • 85% experienced greater skin elasticity

Clinical trials were conducted at the Clinical Trial Center for Bio-Industry at Semyung University.

PMD also tested their product among a panel of 30 women selected by NewBeauty.

PMD promises that you’ll have smoother, softer skin after your first treatment. After 8-12 weeks of consistent use, you may see a reduction in:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Dark spots
  • Hyperpigmentation


You’re ready to take your skincare routine to the next level. But where can you buy the PMD Personal Microderm system?

You can buy PMD directly from the manufacturer, but we recommend buying from Amazon. Amazon offers competitive pricing as well as free shipping for Prime members and an ironclad return policy.

The PMD personal microderm system makes microdermabrasion easy and convenient. It’s an at-home tool that gives you professional results.

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